Server Support. Do you have a server in a closet that you have no idea how to manage? Or is there a print server that keeps locking up? Or do you save all your important data on your computer, and you'd like to get a server?  

Why would you want a server? What would one be used for? Some common uses are as a Mail server, file server, web server. Servers can be used to host E-Mail, Documents, Websites, for authentication, for databases, Groupware, Backup, Print, Fax, etc...

Will you need an actual physical hardware server (hosting/colocation/admin) or a virtual server (hosting/colocation/admin). Hardware will be recommended based on your individual needs. We also offer datacenter cabinets/bandwidth. 

Microsoft or Open Source Server software is another choice you'll need to make. ACT USA • 4a Tech Group can help with that decision, too!