open source

Integrating open source software is easy! There are so many great open source choices available. These options are gnerally free. Linux is a common term that people use when talking about Open source. If a piece of software is Open source, that means that it's 'source code' is available to all to use and/or modify.  

Some examples of open source software:

Browser: Firefox
Office Productivity: LibreOffice
Graphics Editor: Gimp
Anti-Virus: ClamAV
Email client: Thunderbird
Webserver: Apache
There are many more, but those are ones you may have heard of, or used. 

ACT USA • 4a Tech Group proudly runs entirely off open source software. We know it inside and out. We'd love to share some ideas with you on how to save big $$$ by converting some of your business technology to open source.