Management / Admin

Offering Full-Service Server Management, Network Monitoring and Administration for a reasonable cost. Levels of service are customized to meet the needs of each individual customer. 

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Hardware virtualization refers to the creation of a virtual 'machine' that acts like a normal computer. The programs are really running on a separate piece of hardware, but appear to be running on the actual machine. 

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Server Support. Do you have a server in a closet that you have no idea how to manage? Or is there a print server that keeps locking up? Or do you save all your important data on your computer, and you'd like to get a server? 

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Wireless network sales, service, configuration and troubleshooting services. Specializing in large scale wireless installations and load balancing. 

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network security

Securing your business network is crucial. Some keywords you'll hear when discussing network security are: firewalls, encryption, authentication, virus protection, intrusion detection, and more. Dont try to figure this out alone, securing your business data is our specialty! 

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Experienced Network administration & redesign professionals know how to look at a network as a whole and see what things can be changed to make things run more efficiently, as well as finding potential security leaks. ACT USA • 4a Network will help you build a solid network! Even if you already have it all in place, we can help you redesign it to build a robust and reliable network. 

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network service

Technical Support is a crucial part of any business. Do you have a service provider you can call and have almost immediate attention given to your problem? That is what our customers receive. 

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