back ups

Backing up data is very important. If you don't have a current back up, your business could be in big trouble. What happens when the drive storing your accounting data dies? What if there is a fire? flood? or other disaster that destroys your computer? 

Most people dont think anything could happen to 'them', and take their chances. We have helped many businesses recover data, but some cant be retrieved without spending lots of money, and sometimes data cannot be retrieved at all! If you have a current back up, restoration can be done quickly, so you can return to normal business. If you dont have a backup, you may end up losing years of records, work and valuable information. 

ACT USA • 4a Tech Group offers many different back up strategies for you to choose from. Our back up solutions give you peace of mind to know that your data is safe, and in the case of equipment failure, within a short period of time you can be back up and running!