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Choosing who manages your Data Center Support can be a make or break type of situation. Do you have a service provider you can call and have almost immediate attention given to your problem? Someone who knows all the ins and outs of data center management? That is what our customers receive. 

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Colocation is defined as off-site storage of data, typically in a data center. With us it means so much more! We consider ourselves technology partners with our customers. Don't do it alone, let us guide you through the never-ending options.

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Confused about what you need in a data center? Need someone to help guide you through the process? Our team has the experience to assist you in making the right choice for your company. Whether you choose one of our data centers, or another, we can help! 

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Hosting plans starting at $25 per month. Webhosting, email hosting, remote backups, server hosting, and more. Inexpensive bandwidth, excellent customer service, uptime guarantee. 

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